About Us

Hey there! I’m Eduarda and I’m here to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.




Hey there, I’m so glad you are here! Are you ready to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true?

I’m Eduarda and my life purpose is to help you on your journey to a happy and exciting future.

I specialise in helping people change their routine and habits, on project planning to achieve specific goals, and on clearing blocks and limiting believes that keep people stuck.

If you are tired of repeating old patterns that don’t serve you any  longer or if you need an extra push to take a big step in your life then you’ve  come  to  the  right  place.

The first step into your empowered future is to schedule a phone call with me so we can come up with a game plan  and get you started right away.

I hope to speak to you soon!





Hi  dear,  I’m  Sabrina  and  I’m  the  one  with  the  glasses  at  the  front  of  the  picture  with  a  lovely  group  of  colleagues.

I’m  in  my  50’s  now  and  I’ve  been  through  SO  much  in  my  life.  I  was  always  very  resourceful  and  good  at  problem  solving but  one  day  I  finally  realised  I  also  needed  lightness  and  joy.

Now,  many  years  later  I’ve  found  the  tools  to  solve  problems  and  get  over  obstacles with  a  smile  on  my  face  and  a  spring  in  my  step.

Are  you  ready  to  do  the  same?  Well,  that  is  what  I’m  here  to  help  you  achieve. 

First  we  need  to  get  to  know  each  other,  so  schedule  a  call  and  tell  me  everything  about  yourself.  We’ll  have  a  nice  chat  and  start  clearing  those  problems  out  of  your  way!